Types of Bets: detailed information

(The given betting guide is strongly recommended to be read by beginners as it give a lot of useful explanations)

Default - 1x2

It is as easy, as rate gets. When you set the 'Default' or '1x2’, you simply bet on team that will win, or, if there will be a draw. Using the Default sports betting chances is an excellent way to begin and it will help you get acquainted with the game. If you are not awkward, it is a bet type, there are another '1x2’ varieties to test your skills out. Do you know enough about your team? Try the modern Types of Rates to give you win, which you are finding!

Choices: You will have three betting choices;

Away team Lose


Home team Lose

Variations of 1x2:

1x2 the First Half: of the: Same as that of the Default 1x2, bet on the results of the matches in one and a half times.

1x2 Full-Time with the exception of Overtime: Bet on the results of matches on a full working day, without any overtime.

1x2 with Handicap: Same as above, with the exception that the team will start with an advantage. It is explained below in the screen.

1x2, Full-Time, with the exception of Overtime

Explanation: It’s known as the "European odds", the precondition is that, in particular, the team will begin with an advantage despite of the opposite team. The advantage is, as a rule, at one point or two points. It will be better to give a chance to bet on matches, where the advantage was swayed.

Choices: You will have three betting choices;

Away team Lose


Home team Lose

Example: Maybe you watch matches in Primera Division. You see, Real Madrid and Barcelona in UEFA soon and want to place a 1x2 with odds bet on the match. Tower Gaming presented Barcelona the odds rate +1.

In the event of a tie, or if Barcelona win (1-1, 0-1): The result for 1X2 with odds "1", because Barcelona has had good odds, 1 score. So, Barcelona would win, in spite of the fact that it could be a tie.

In the case of Real Madrid win with 1 score disparity (1-0, 2-1): The result for 1X2 with odds is "X", because Barcelona has the addition of 1 score so the odds result is a tie.

In the case of Real Madrid will win with 2 or more score disparity (2-0, 3-1): The result for 1X2 with odds "2", because Real Madrid won, in spite of +1 odds addition in the Barcelona.

Correct Score

Explanation: The Pair are some possible results in the final evaluation format. You must deliver on what you think will be the final result.

Choices: You have some possible final evaluation of the results, all with different chances.

Example: You have chosen Real Madrid to get a victory over the Barcelona with the score 2:1. If Real Madrid will beat Barcelona by the final, a total score of 2-1, then you win. Any other account is a lost bet.

Variations of the Proper Score:

Proper Score of the Full Event: Bets on proper score at the end of the match.

Proper Score of the First Half: Bets on the proper score, only for the first half of the match.

Proper Score of the Full-Time, with the exception of Overtime: Bets on the proper score on full time, without any overtime.

Double Chance

Explanation: With this Type of Rates you can make a bet on two of the three possible results of the match: Away Lose or Tie, Tie or Home Lose, and Away Lose or Home Lose. If one of the two results you play in happens, you can enjoy winnings.


1X Away Lose or a Tie

X2 Tie or Home Lose

1/2 Away Lose, or Home Lose

Example: The game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. You bet on a 1X. You win, if: Real Madrid wins, regardless of the score, or it will be a tie. You lose a bet, if: Barcelona beat Real Madrid.

Home/Away to qualify

Explanation: With this Type of Rates you can bet on which team will win the match, it will be home or away team. This is the same as the "default" Rates of Type, with the exception for the fact that there is no "tie" option.


Away Lose

Home Lose

Odd or even

Explanation: It is a Pair bet on the total score, or even odd number. This indicator is calculated according to the total points scored in the game between two teams.




Variations of the Proper Score:

Odd or Even Full Time with Overtime: Bet on odd or even in conjunction score on full time with overtime.

Odd or Even Full-Time without Overtime: Bet on odd or even in conjunction score on full time without overtime.

HT/FT (Half Time / Full Time)

Explanation: With this Type of Rates you can bet on your forecast, as half the time and the final time result. To win the bet, you have to guess the results for BOTH halves of the match. So you see the huge chances with this Type of Rates. If you do it right, you get a big prize.

Choices: Half-Time / Full-time bets will always have 9 different options.

** Note: Keep it in your mind that you are not betting on accurate estimates. And, you bet on "win, lose, or draw" per half.

Total Over Under

Explanation: You have to put on, is whether the total number of points scored in a match between two teams exceed or be less than the chances of (or result) do you believe that he would win. You will also notice that the ‘total points' results are all given a part of the '0.25, 0.5 or 0.75'. This provides the winner, as the team could not score fractional points. With '0.25, and 0.75' faction, you can to 'Win and a Draw " your bet, or "Tie and Lose” your bet. It’s mostly suitable type of betting for pro betting punters.

This gives you an advantage; where, if the rate is 3.75, and the result - 3, you win half of your bet. If you bet "in the section" 3.25, and the result - 3, you only lose half of your first bet.

Choices: You will see the various possible 'total score' results: as a rule, between 1.5 and 4.5 - with fractions (0.25, 0.75) in between. These numbers are the total score, which you should bet, Over or Under. There is no 'Tie'.

Example: See the results of the schedule of rates for the majority of situations. Although this refers to the Asian Handicap betting, the results on the bet are identical.

Variations of Over and Under:

The First Half: Points must be higher or lower than the chances of a half of the term.

The Full-Time, without Overtime: Points must be higher or lower than the chances of a full-time, without any overtime.

Asian Handicap

Explanation: The Asian Odds refers to "Point Spreads'. It is a form that is made to make money by betting, where the sensed weaker team (or underdog) is presented a number of tasks, the start of the good for the team. And on the contrary, the team favorite to win will be presented an odd in the form of negative moments. This creates equal conditions for the betting when two opposing teams not congruently qualified. You will notice a quarter and half of the points in the distribution of settlements, as well, and it makes the winner in case of a tie.

It also reduces the player's risk; where the couple can "win and a tie" or "lose or tie" - win part of your bet or lose the only part of your bet.

Choices: The quarter-point increments of (0.25, 0.5, 0.75), as a rule, between -3 and +3 distribution points.

Example: The following results table will help you understand each possible result for the bets made by the Asian Odds Type of Rates.

Variations of Over Under:

Asian Odds the First Half: Bet on the game winner at half times.

Asian Odds Full-Time, without Overtime: Bet on the game winner for the complete working day, without any overtime.

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