What does one free replacement mean?

This means that if the sport tips have not passed, you will get the following sport tips of the same category absolutely for free regardless of its outcome at once.

How much money can I win with your sport tips?

If you follow all our advices and play at the long distance, then you’ll be able to earn sufficiently much. The upper limit may be restricted only by the rules imposed by the bookmakers. But remember that the betting itself is a great job, so you should be patient.

You have very good statistics. How do I know that this is not a fake?

We spent months publishing the free sport tips at independent thematic forums. Several hundreds of sport bets were published - and there were no claims to us but only the positive write-ups. This is really rare, because 99% of the betting websites do not spread the information with a detailed calculation of the bank freely due to fact that the probability of a general bankruptcy of reputation is too high. Besides, during the website functioning none of the customers has ever complained about the fraud statistics.

I want to get sport tips that would certanly win. Do you have such sport tips?

We cannot guarantee you the passage of the certain, even the most adjusted, sport tips. However, we can select the sport tips with the highest accuracy at a distance. There are Premium, Vip and Guaranteed tips.

What kind of services do you offer?

We give an expert evaluation to the sports events. We are forming the sport tips for all sports in every country of the world around the clock.

How do you select the sport tips?

The selection of sport bets consists of two components: the analytical department and the specialized computer programs that handle the statistics and the traffic of coefficients.

In what betting office do you make your bets?

We bet in that betting office which currently has the highest odds. There are almost no restrictions as to betting offices.

What guarantees do you provide?

We provide one free replacement of the sport tips. This means that in a case your sport bets lose, the next sport tips you are getting absolutely for free at once.

What time your sport picks are usually published?

For the convenience of our customers the sport picks are published around the clock.

How many sport tips do you publish per day?

Premium, Vip and Guaranteed tips are formed and published every day.

Why was your website registered on December 01, 2010 but the statistics was started to be conducted in August?

The statistics include not only the sport tips published directly on the website but also those sport tips that were published in a free access at thematic forums, on older versions and during the reconstruction of the website.

If you have such good sport tips why then you do not bet yourself? What are you selling them for?

Of course we bet! However, the expenditures related to the publishing of really good sport tips are much higher than they seem at first glance: these costs include the analysts’ job compensation, expenditures for the design and developing of the website, the purchase of expensive programs, etc. That’s why we share our sport tips with others for a fee.

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