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  1. Tip is available with a guarantee: if tip loses, we will provide you free of charge a new pick for the next game day, and so as long as tips will not bring money!
  2. 1 day - 1 Guaranteed tip.
  3. The inability to make a bet in your sportsbook can't be a ground for cancellation or postponement of our services.
  4. Sending sport tips is carried out not later than one hour before the event starts, but the exact time of sending is not set.
  5. Sport tips will be delivered to your email address specified during the payment. SMS notification is planned to be activated in the nearest future.
  6. Status designation. "Booking" means that if you pay during this time, you get priority when we send tips and you also get guaranteed tips for the current game day. "Sending time" says that period of sending sport tips has started, and you will get your picks immediately after your payment. If at the time of payment event has already started, our agent will contact you and the forecast will be postponed to the next game day. "Sending has been completed" means that the sending of tips for the current game day was finished.
  7. Records of Guaranteed tips are for internal use only.
  8. Please inform us right after your payment indicating the time and details of the payment. This will guarantee that your payment will not be lost. Our operator can contact you but this is not obligatory.
  9. Before purchasing our services, please read the Terms and Conditions.

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